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Chess Tournament - 2017, AVD, Bakrol

On Date: 12 February 2017
Activity: Sports

The game of Chess is supposed to be started/invented in India and is considered to be the game for talented people and which tests the talent and ability of the players to plan different strategies. This game played with 32 chess-men on a board with 64 blocks empowers the brain cells while it also tests the will power of the players. It is very popular among the students also because, it teaches to get out of most complicated and adverse situations by finding out the solutions to such situations. To encourage the students, a program of competition in the games of Chess was organized on Sunday, 17/2/17 in which, 32 students had participated showing their talent & enjoyed them with enthusiasm, competitive spirit and atmiyata.

Out of all the participants, the following were declared winners,

1. Umang Chudasama (B.E. Comp.) the 1st, from Rajkot.

2. Mohit Khandelwal (B. Arch.) 2nd, from Indore.

3. Rishit Patel (B.E. Chem.) 3rd, from Prantij.

On this occasion, along with P. Anandsagarswami and P. Prabhudarshanswami, Sri Jatinbhai and Sri Krunalbhai also remained present. After the competition, soft drinks were also served to all.

Giving his opinion about these tournaments, Saumil Patel, the winner in Carom tournament said that, he was proud to be a participant in the games organized for the students staying in Harisaurabh Hostel by Yogi Divine Society because, due to the spread of video and mobile games, the indoor games like Chess and Carom which are very useful and important for sharpening the talents of the students are being forgotten nowadays.

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