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Tribal Care

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The underprivileged tribal areas are now offered better opportunities with Yogi Divine Society's educational and social welfare projects.  Educational facilities, financial aid and vocational training projects, pull the tribal youths towards the Yogi Divine Society, to join the mainstream society. H.H. HariprasadSwamiji has specially initiated a movement that strives to help these tribal retain their cultural origins that are rooted in the heritage of India.

Yogi Divine Society has initiated projects and activities to serve the backward and scheduled tribes in the districts of Panchmahal, Dahod, Chhota Udaipur, Daang, Narmada and Bharuch. The numerous centres of it's established in these areas bear proof of these efforts. It has also distributes free clothing to the extremely poor and needy people in these areas. Numerous projects are underway to uplift the social and moral standards of living in the tribal areas. This under-privileged class of society is now offered better opportunities with Yogi Divine Society’s educational and social welfare projects.  Nearly 15,000 tribal youths are now trained to join the mainstream of society.