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Atmiya Kids Cricket Tournament - 2017, Ghatkopar, Mumbai

On Date: 12 February 2017
Activity: Sports
Location: Mumbai Locationwise





Yogi Divine Society had organized a cricket tournament for youngsters in Firing Ground near cremation ground, Bhatt Wadi, Ghatkopar (West), Mumbai on Sunday, the 12th February 2017 in which, 102 players divided into 10 teams had participated and the players of the winner team were presented with trophy and medals by the institution to encourage them.

In the present day education system, there is a trend of taking frequent exams like weekly, monthly, quarterly and so on in schools and coaching classes, keeping the students busy/engaged throughout the year without allowing them to feel free or experience lightness/freshness during the full year. Under the circumstances, in order to develop competitiveness and group spirit among them, while also to promote their physical ability/activeness and decision making power, Yogi Divine Society had arranged these tournaments.

In these tournaments played between 10 teams of youngsters from Ghatkopar and its surrounding areas, knockout matches of 5 overs each were played in the beginning and the loser teams were getting out. Then, the semi-finals and finals were of 4 overs each and, the “Samp Samrat” eleven and “Seva Bhakti” eleven emerged as the finalists where, the “Samp Samrat” eleven emerged as the final winner and the “Seva Bhakti” eleven remained the runner up.

At the end of the tournaments, the trophy and medals to each member of the final winner team were awarded and the medals were given to all the members of runner up team to honour all of them.

In organizing these tournaments, all the elders and the volunteers from Yogi Divine Society had extended their full support while, the volunteers like Sri Sureshbhai, Sri Ankitbhai, Sri Dharmendrabhai, Sri Pratikbhai, Sri Ramjibhai, Sri Kaushikbhai and Sri Bhavinbhai etc. also remained present on the ground throughout to boost the tempo/spirit of the players. All the player were served refreshment at the end of the tournaments and, competitors of a few moments back, looked like fast friends of each-other while taking it with atmiyata which really gave full satisfaction that, the atmiyata has really developed.

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