Service unto Humanity is Service unto God !

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On Date: 25 July 2017
Activity: Relief Work

As a result of very heavy rain in Rajasthan, Mount Abu and North Gujarat, the Highways and internal roads had got immersed in waters resulting in hundreds of Gujarat’s villages losing their contacts with other people depriving them of their daily requirements and making them starve for eatables. Under the circumstances, Yogi Divine Society, an institution firmly believing in and following the motto, “Service to mankind is the service to God Himself”, had immediately got 20,000 food packets with sukhadi-ganthia prepared and delivered to Vododara’s Collector to be helpful to these victims.

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On Date: 21 June 2017
Activity: Yoga

Yogi Divine Society had organized, on account of World Yoga Day, a yoga camp between 7.00 am & 8.00 am in the morning at Haridham, Sokhada on Wednesday, the 21st June 2017 in the special presence of yogacharyas in which, the institution’s saints and volunteers as well as around 100 residents from Sokhada and its surrounding villages had participated and received training in yoga.

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