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World AIDS Day - 2016, Popda

On Date: 23 December 2016

On account of the World AIDS Day, the 1st December, to spread the awareness about AIDS in the society, Yogi Divine Society had organized a seminar on Friday, the 23rd Dec 2016 in the open ground opp. the Gujarati School in Papda village in which, around 1530 gents and ladies from the villages like Popda, Sachin, Lajpor, Kansad, Kachholi etc. had participated.

By attaching/putting a red ribbon like the symbol of AIDS on the shoulder of every attendant in the shibir, an effort was made to bring awareness about AIDS. World Health Organization is celebrating 1st December as the “World AIDS Day” in the entire world every year. Yogi Divine Society also keeps taking various steps regularly in this direction as a part of which, one such effort was made at Popda village situated near Lajpor to bring awakening in the public by the institution with the help of a presentation. This area is a sea shore with most of the people depending upon fishery among whom, the level of addiction and bad company is found to be very high resulting in wide spread of contagious disease like AIDS among them.

On this occasion, Dr. Jignesh Patel, who is serving as a doctor in Reliance’s Hajira plant had, through a presentation, given information like how do we get infected by a virus of H.I.V., how long does it remain silent while totally nullifying the patient’s ability to resist the diseases and after becoming active, what types of side effects it spreads and, informing that every year in India only, 68,000 people die of AIDS he described the deadliness of this disease.

Alerting against AIDS, he had informed as to what we should do and what steps to take. Saying that, today, when the science itself also doesn’t have any 100 % treatment/cure for it, he had explained the slogan “Precaution is the best Cure”.

In the end of the shibir, advising the people associated with Yogi Divine society to spread the real information about AIDS in their areas by taking more and more people in this mission he said that, it is the best way to curb the spread of it in the society.

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