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Youth Shibir-2014 (NJ-USA) Session-3

On Date: 19 July 2014
Location: USA Locationwise




A 1 and a 1/2 day youth convention was organized during 19th and 20th July 2014 at “New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center” NJ, in the presence of P.P. Swamiji. The saints and the youth workers had provided very good guidance during the convention. P.P. Swamiji also had sent His blessings for all. The youths had also presented a cultural program. Around 1000 youths took advantage of this convention.

Immediately after taking their supper on 19th July 2014, all the youths rushed to the convention hall for enjoying dances and dialogues. They all got a glimpse of youths force trained and prepared by P.P. Swamiji there, through a dance prepared and presented by the New Jersey and Chicago youth mandals.

The story of efforts made and pains taken personally by P.P. Swamiji behind every youth to infuse, to develop and to care the real culture in him was presented through dialogues. P.P. Swamiji, even at His such an old age of 81 years and that too, when His physical body was not cooperating with Him, was sitting throughout the program with/among them and was encouraging and delighting them.

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