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Prevention of Sunstroke - 2017, Adipur

On Date: 27 April 2017

In order to develop awareness for safety against sunstroke among the local general public, the volunteers of Yogi Divine Society had distributed around 100 pamphlets with the packets of glucose free of cost at Adipur village on Thursday, the 27th April 2017 and had guided 130 individuals personally for the same.

Sunstroke is an adverse bodily/physical situation arising out of very strong heat of sun due to which, water is reduced in the body and if this condition aggravates, it damages human kidney, liver and the brain and disturbs their proper functioning sometimes resulting into death also.

Most part of Kutch Dist. is desert having more heat here than normal and the people living in hutments in the rear side of the villages don’t have adequate resources to protect themselves from the heat while even their children also play in the open outside and are easy victims of sunstrokes. Keeping these facts in mind, the volunteers of the institution had visited the people of these hutments and had made them all aware of sunstroke.

Explaining to them about the symptoms of sunstroke, what kind of basic treatment should be done in case of attack of it etc. was explained and pamphlets containing other such information were also distributed to them while giving packets of glucose free of cost to the young children and the women to save them from sunstroke. Thus around 130 people were covered under this campaign against sunstroke and they were also requested to reach/spread this information among others too in the area.

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