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Help iOS-eBook

Step 1: Download & Install Flip HTML5 Reader on iPad/iPhone

Before you and readers transfer the flipbook publication onto iPad or iPhone, you will need to install our free Flip HTML5 Reader. You can get it on iTunes by searching "Flip HTML5 Reader", or you can download it here. Then install Flip HTML5 Reader on your iPad/iPhone.

Step 2: Locate Flip HTML5 Reader on iPad/iPhone

Now connect your iPad/iPhone with your Mac OS computer, and you will see iTunes start up automatically; then click "iPad" icon.

Next, please click "Apps" icon and scroll down to the "File Sharing" part where you will find "Flip HTML5 Reader" in the Apps list; click on FlipHtml5Reader to select it.

Step 3: Add to FlipHtml5Reader Documents

You can drag & drop or click the "Add" icon to add the flipbook file (*.fmapp) to FlipHtml5Reader Documents.

Step 4: Read flipbook on iPad/iPhone offline

After the transferring is finished, you can open your iPad/iPhone and run Flip HTML5 Reader. Then you can import the new flipbook publication into Flip HTML5 Reader, and you will see the new book on the Bookshelf. You can simply tap on the book thumbnail to read the flipbook offline.

And you can manage offline flipbooks in Flip HTML5 Reader: add new native flipbooks, classify flipbooks and delete existing flipbooks. You can click "About" button to get info about Flip HTML5 Reader or click "Help" button to get help.