Service unto Humanity is Service unto God !

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01-09-2015 11-54-28 PM
On Date: 31 August 2015
Activity: Medical Camps

Yogi Divine Society Activities

On Date: 23 February 2014
Activity: Medical Care

At the instance of P.P. Hariprasad Swamiji, the chief president of ATMIYA YUVA MAHOTSAV to be celebrated in Jan -2015 at Haridham, Sokhada, Vadodara, a blood donation camp, being a part of this would be unprecedented and excellent event, was arranged on 23-02-2014 where 1151 units of blood was collected for the benefit of children suffering from Thalassemia, which has proved to be an excellent example of social service.

sp.23/02/2014“p fp¡S> lqf^pd, kp¡MX$p Mps¡ ÅÞeyApfu-2015dp„ DS>hp“pf ApÐdue eyhp dlp¡Ðkh“p D‘¾$d¡ ep¡Nu qX$hpC“ kp¡kpeV$u“p ‘fdpÝen ‘.‘|. lqfâkpv$õhpduÆ“u â¡fZp’u ’¡g¡kuduep ‘uqX$s bpmL$p¡“p gpcp’£ f¼sv$p“ rirbf ep¡S>hpdp„ Aphu lsu. S>¡dp„ 1151 eyr“V$ f¼s A¡L$Ó ’ey„.

On Date: 03 July 2016

A volunteers’ shibir was organized in 2 sessions on Sunday, the 3rd July 2016 in Haridham, Sokhada in the presence of Yogi Divine Society’s president, P.P. Hariprasadswamiji and P. Mukundjivanswami (Guruji) who came from Delhi. In this shibir, around 3500 volunteers from Junagadh to Mumbai had participated to take the guidance from different speakers to spread/widen the scope of institution’s social services.

frhhpf, sp. 03-07-2016“p fp¡S> lqf^pd-kp¡MX$p dyL$pd¡ ep¡Nu qX$hpB“ kp¡kpeV$u“p AÝen ‘.‘|.lqfâkpv$õhpduÆ s’p qv$ëlu’u ‘^pf¡g ‘|.dyLy„$v$Æh“õhpdu (NyfyÆ)“u âÐen D‘[õ’rsdp„ b¡ kÓ“u L$pe®L$sp® rirbf“y„ Apep¡S>“ L$fhpdp„ Apìey„ lsy„. Ap rirbfdp„ S|>“pNY$’u gB dy„bB ky^u“p Apif¡ 3500 L$pe®L$sp®Ap¡A¡ cpN gB k„õ’p“u k¡hpqL$e âh©rÑAp¡“¡ ìep‘L$ b“phhp dpV¡$ rhrh^ h¼spAp¡ ‘pk¡’u dpN®v$i®“ d¡mìey lsy„.

On Date: 05 June 2015

World Environment Day (WED) is celebrated every year on 5 June, to raise global awareness to take positive environmental action to protect nature and the planet Earth, the Elderly Saint leader P. Shastriswami and other Saints of Yogi Divine Society planted 11 mango tree sapling at the boundary of Sokhada village, as a part of Environmental Care.


âL©$rs A“¡ ‘©Õhu“y„ fnZ L$fhp dpV$¡ kL$pfpÐdL$ ‘ep®hfZue ‘Ngp„ gC h¥[ðL$ ÅN©rs h^pfhp dpV$¡, v$f hj£ "5du S|>“'“p¡ qv$hk "rhð ‘ep®hfZ qv$hk' sfuL¡$ DS>hhpdp„ Aph¡ R>¡. s¡ r“rdÑ¡ ‘ep®hfZue L$pmÆ“u k¡hp ê‘¡ iy¾$hpf, sp.5-6-2015“p fp¡S> ep¡Nu qX$hpB“ kp¡kpeV$u“p hX$ug k„she® ‘|. ip”uõhpdu A“¡ k„sp¡ Üpfp kp¡MX$p Npd“u ‘pv$f¡ 11 Ap„bp“p fp¡‘p“y„ hph¡sf L$fhpdp„ Apìey„.

On Date: 25 July 2017
Activity: Relief Work

As a result of very heavy rain in Rajasthan, Mount Abu and North Gujarat, the Highways and internal roads had got immersed in waters resulting in hundreds of Gujarat’s villages losing their contacts with other people depriving them of their daily requirements and making them starve for eatables. Under the circumstances, Yogi Divine Society, an institution firmly believing in and following the motto, “Service to mankind is the service to God Himself”, had immediately got 20,000 food packets with sukhadi-ganthia prepared and delivered to Vododara’s Collector to be helpful to these victims.

spS>¡sfdp„ fpS>õ’p“, dpDÞV$ Apby, DÑf s¡dS> dÝe NyS>fps“p rhõspfdp„ ’e¡g Arsh©rô$“¡ ‘Ng¡ lpBh¡ s’p A„sqfepm dpNp£ ‘pZudp„ NfL$ph ’B Nep R>¡, ‘qfZpd¡ NyS>fps“p„ k¢L$X$p¡ Npdp¡ S>“k„‘L®$’u rhM|V$p„ ‘X$u Nep„ R>¡. Æh“ S>ê$qfeps“u hõsyAp¡“p¡ ‘yfhW$p¡ Ap Npdp¡dp„ ‘lp¢Qsp¡ “’u s¡“¡ gu^¡ lÅfp¡ gp¡L$p¡ Æh“ V$L$phhp dpV¡$ MpÛ kpdN°u d¡mhhp sgku füp„ R>¡. Ðepf¡ "dp“hk¡hp A¡ S> âcyk¡hp'“p d„Ó“¡ hf¡gu ep¡Nu qX$hpB“ kp¡kpeV$u Üpfp Ap gp¡L$p¡“¡ klpeê$‘ ’hp spÐL$prgL$$ ^p¡fZ¡ kyMX$u-Np„W$uep“p„ 20,000 aºX$ ‘¡L¡$V$ s¥epf L$fu hX$p¡v$fp L$g¡L$V$fîu“¡ ky‘fs L$fhpdp„ Apìep„ lsp„.

On Date: 21 June 2015
Activity: Yoga

Around 500 gents and ladies participated in a Yoga Shibir arranged between 7.00 am & 7.45 am in the morning on Sunday, the 21st June 2015 in Ambrish Hall of Haridham Temple to celebrate International Yoga Day by Yogi Divine Society and received the most useful and important information about Yoga’s effects on health improving technics through its practical demonstration.

Ap„sffpô²$ue ep¡N qv$hk“u DS>hZu“p D‘¾$d¡ frhhpf, sp.21-6-2015“p fp¡S> khpf¡ 7:00 ’u 7:45 v$fçep“ ep¡Nu qX$hpB“ kp¡kpeV$u Üpfp A„bfuj lp¡g - lqf^pd d„qv$f Mps¡ Apep¡Æs ep¡N rirbf“p¡ Apif¡ 500 S>¡V$gp cpBAp¡-bl¡“p¡A¡ gpc gB ep¡N“u õhpõÕeh^®L$ AkfL$pfL$sp rhi¡ âpep¡rNL$ r“v$i®“ krls ÅZL$pfu d¡mhu.