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Harmony is the best medicine for the Unity of society(Drama) - 2017, Rajkot

On Date: 28 December 2016



Under the guidance of P. Sarvatitswami, the youths and the volunteers of Yogi Divine Society had, on Wednesday, the 28th Dec. 2016, presented a drama on the subject “Harmony is the best medicine for unity in the society” at Yogidham, Rajkot. By watching this drama, around 820 youths of Rajkot city had got an advice of living life with Atmiyata with each other to eliminate the tension and enmity prevailing among people in the society.

While presenting a picture of anarchy, quarrels, terrorism and wars prevailing in the society, nations and the world today, the announcer explained in the beginning of the drama that, the people/humanity has not left this world, created by God, worth living in today for the sake of personal interests. Is there any solution for this? As an answer to this question, the youths of the mandal had presented a dialogue in which, the value, importance and inevitability of a solution for solving the problems arising between friends and the in families, a secret word of life “Atmiyata”, always, everywhere and every time advocated, emphasized and advised by P.P. Hariprasadswamiji, the president of Yogi Divine Society was explained. Atmiyata means, the acceptance, with our real heart, of everybody in front of us and, if we resolve to act/behave like this, we are bound to feel/experience the real peace, happiness and pleasure at our hearts.

Presenting that, if, with Atmiyata, every problem of life can be solved, and when it can also solve the problems of friend circles and families which are very small and only a tiny part of the entire society or the world, then, with that same atmiyata only, all the problems of the nations and the entire world can also be easily solved.

With this dialogue, all the youth present there were convinced about the effect of “Atmiyata” and resolved to adopt and practice the principle of “Atmiyata” in their life too.

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