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Patriotic Songs - Musical Evening - 2016, AVD

On Date: 29 December 2016

A program of musical evening on Patriotic Songs was organized by Yogi Divine Society at Atmiya Vidya Dham on Thursday, the 29th December 2016 in which, around 650 youths from Bakrol, Anand, Vidyanagar and its surrounding villages had remembered and respected the martyrs who had laid their lives for the freedom of our nation.

When the music party comprised of students from Atmiya Vidya Dham presented a variety of touching and everlasting martial songs, the patriotic songs and prayers presenting high degree of real life spirit based on Hindi films, some of which like, Ay mere vatanke logon......, Bharatka rahenewala hoon....., Ay mere pyare vatan.... etc. moved all the youths covering them with the colours of patriotism.

After presentation of such songs by different youths, the American resident Sri Viralbhai Patel, talking about the specialities of Indian culture, informed the youths present there that, by leaving India and staying in America there, we feel the absence of Indian atmosphere. Saying the progress made by India in different fields as remarkable, he asked the youths to cooperate in various schemes introduced by the Indian Govt. here and said that, the PM Sri Narendrabhai Modi is gradually taking India forward on the path of progress and, we only are going to enjoy the fruits of it tomorrow so, the faster spread-publicity of these schemes is in our own interest only.

In the end, after listening/enjoying the song “Itani shakti hamen dena data”, everybody dispersed taking the light refreshment.

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