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World AIDS Day - 2016, Navi Pardi

On Date: 23 December 2016

On account of the World AIDS Day, the 1st December, to spread the awareness about AIDS in the society, Yogi Divine Society had organized a seminar on Friday, the 23rd Dec 2016 in the Sanskar Bhavan Hall of Vidyamangal School at Pardi in which, the lady doctor Bhanuben Patel associated with the Care & Cure Hospital from this area had provided the information about AIDS to around 450 boys and girls students from Std. 10, 11 and 12th of this school.

By attaching/putting a red ribbon like the symbol of AIDS on the shoulder of every attendant in the shibir, an effort was made to bring awareness about AIDS.

With the help of a presentation, Dr. Bhanuben informed the students in a simple language as to how does the virus of H.I.V. enter into human body and gradually gets spread and converted into AIDS while also informing about its deadliness and the steps to be taken to avoid it. By comparing the wrong conceptions/beliefs existing in the society about AIDS with the related scientific facts about it, she asked not to believe in such rumours.

At the end of the shibir, while satisfactorily replying the questions from the students rising in their childish minds, she had also guided them most properly.

When, the Government itself is thinking of introducing the sex education as one of the subjects in the schools, this leading effort by Yogi Divine Society to prevent AIDS from spreading in the youths in the society by educating about it the children of young age from the schools itself, was highly and whole heartedly appreciated by the vice principal of the school Sri Jaydipsinh Rathod, the resident supervisor of the school Sri Harshadbhai and the member of Lions Club Sri Pareshbhai present in the shibir.

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