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Blood Donation Camp - 2016, Dahisar, Mumbai

On Date: 21 August 2016
Activity: Medical Care
Location: Mumbai Locationwise



A blood donation camp was organized in Navneet Hospital, conducted at Dahisar in Mumbai by Jain Manav Kalyan Kendra, on Sunday, the 21st August 2016 jointly by Manav Kalyan Kendra, Yogi Divine Society and Jay Charities in which, as result of efforts by zealous youth volunteers of Yogi Divine Society 170 units of blood was collected.

This blood donation camp was started by the trustee of Manav Kalyan Kendra Shree Nemjibhai Gangar by lighting a lamp. More than 25 youth volunteers from Yogi Divine Society had given their free services.

170 units of blood collected in this camp was handed over to Blood Bank for its proper preservation for use in future for the patients suffering from the diseases like thalassemia or the other similar serious diseases requiring the same for their treatments.

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