Service unto Humanity is Service unto God !

Food Packets Distribution

On Date: 25 July 2017




There has been heavily excess rain during the current monsoon in Gujarat, border areas of Rajasthan and in North and Central Gujarat. Due to constant rains for the last 7 days in Rajasthan and border areas of Gujarat, there has been lot of damage and loss in the villages like Dantivada, Palanpur, Amirgadh etc. and they have lost their contacts with other surrounding places while there has also collected waters in hundreds of villages. The Indian army has been working at its full strength to rescue and shift the people from these affected places to safer places. The PM of India Sri Narendrabhai Modi and the CM of Gujarat Sri Vijaybhai Rupani had taken aerial survey of these areas for the assessment of damage due to this natural disaster.

It is well known to all that, the saint and volunteers from Yogi Divine Society are always in the fore-front to serve people everywhere during such natural disasters/calamities like floods, earthquakes, land sliding etc. and, following the motto “Service to mankind is the service to God Himself”, this time also, it was proved by the saints and volunteers from the institution by starting a service campaign to immediately help the victims by preparing 20,000 food packets full of sukhadi and ganthia for them with the help/assistance of their youth volunteers under the guidance from the saints like P. Shashtriswami, P. Santvallabhswami and P. Hariprakashswami.

All these packets were immediately handed over to the collector of Anand Dist. for sending to the disaster management cells working under his guidance.

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