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Youth Shibir-2014 (NJ-USA) Session-1

On Date: 19 July 2014
Location: USA Locationwise

A 1 and 1/2 day youth convention was organized during 19th and 20th July 2014 at “New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center” NJ, in the presence of P.P. Swamiji. The saints and the youth workers had provided very good guidance during the convention. P.P. Swamiji also had sent His blessings for all. The youths had also presented a cultural program. Around 1000 youths took advantage of this convention.

The arrival of youths since morning on 19th July 2014 marked the beginning of the shibir. The face of every youth was showing/presenting a unique type of pleasure and enthusiasm.

All the youths had collectively decorated the stage very beautifully. The first session of this shibir was started with the bhajans (songs) full of youth spirit and every youth was clearly seen to be fully ready and enthusiastic as if he wanted to make the entire shibir of his own on every step of music.

After P.P. Swamiji took His place, the youths of New Jersey welcomed by heart P.P. Swamiji and all other youths with a dance. Then 10 ideal youths lit a lamp.

First of all, P.P. Swamiji, in His golden-divine speech of blessings said that, the God will surely bestow upon him the real sense of understanding who never looks at drawbacks of others and this blessings will take him into the stage of a life with Atmiyata, good thoughts, anxiety free state and real love. The blessings of an extra ordinary saint can relieve us from laziness and from our false judgments for others. First, our sleep will reduce and then can go into a stage of natural pleasure and can live without sleep at all and explained the value and importance of such shibirs to acquire such immortality like blessings. He asked everybody to develop/maintain friendliness with 2 real saints and 4 good/positive friends. He blessed all to get this to make their 5 senses positive and to keep away from obstinacy, honor and envy.

After the blessings from P.P. Swamiji, the youth workers analysed through a few incidents of their life as to how the basic understanding and self-discipline can be established in life.

This was followed by a guidance from P. Bhaktipriyaswami about clarity of goal based on past experiences and incidents in their life. He also further states that, if we really/sincerely follow the commands/advises from P.P.Swamiji to develop/maintain friendliness with 2 real saints and 4 good friends then, we can surely feel/experience a state of total safety/security instead of all/any type of insecurity.

At the end of this first session of the shibir, standing up, the youths declare before P.P. Swamiji and saints and elders their determinations to bring about changes in their own life according to the materials received from different speeches heard in this shibir and then, everybody took his lunch and participated in the games beautifully arranged during afternoon.

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