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Medical Camp - March 2017, Timba

On Date: 05 March 2017
Activity: Medical Care



Yogi Divine Society had, with the assistance from various medical institutions, organized a free medical check-up camp for all the diseases and for Sickle Cell Anemia blood on Sunday, the 5th March 2017 in Govt. High School at Timba village in Sankheda Tal. of Chhota Udepur Dist. in which, 657 patients had got appropriate guidance for their various diseases done through 1525 consultations with related expert doctors and they all were also provided with required medicines totally free of cost where, even 46 cardiograms tests, 64 random blood sugar tests (Diabetes tests), and 250 thalassemia and Sickle cell blood tests were also done free of cost.

Today, when the medical services have been considered and treated purely as a mere business, leaving aside all the basic principles, business ethics and ideals of public services, and the doctors and hospitals have started squeezing money from every patient under a number of valid-invalid reasons, it has become extremely difficult for lacs of poor people staying in interior parts of small backward villages to meet the expenses of the medical treatments for their families even under serious conditions. Under such circumstances, Yogi Divine Society, totally dedicated to and always working for poor, needy and backward class of people of the society in all the spheres of public services freely, regularly/periodically organizes free medical camps and, one such free camp was organized at Timba village in which, Dhiraj Hospital-Pipariya, Radha Multi Speciality Hospital-Vadodara, K.M.Shah Dental Hospital-Pipariya and Schvijk Hospital-Vadodara and their medical and paramedical staff had rendered their full/free/sincere services.

The regional saint of Sarvatit Pradesh P. Vishveshvarswami, P. Sarasjivanswami, P. Yagnaswarupswami, P. Santoshjivanswami, the elderly volunteers from Timba village Sri Pravinbhai Patel, Sri Kiritbhai Patel, Dr. Rajeshbhai Parmar (Radha Multi Speciality Hospital), Sri Shivrajbhai (Dhiraj Hospital), Ozazbhai (Schvijk Hospital) and Krunalbhai Parikh (Davis Morgan Lab), all had jointly inaugurated the camp. Speaking on this occasion, P. Vishveshvarswami had welcomed on behalf of Yogi Divine Society and thanked all the participating hospitals and their doctors on this occasion to cooperate in this sacrifice of service. P. Santoshswami, looking after the service in the medical department of Yogi Divine Society, while talking on the multi-dimensional services by the institution, also gave a short report on services provided in the field of medical services in the society saying that, presently, the institution is arranging a free medical camp every month while providing free medical services to the poor villagers at their door steps in the interior villages through 5 medical mobile vans since the last 12 years distributing all the required medicines free of cost and giving needful guidance to them for care/preservation of their good health.

Then, the registration was started at around 10.00 am. in which, the patients were guided to their proper medical departments according to their diseases by the volunteers.

Total 657 registrations were made in this camp with the cooperation from 21 expert doctors and other paramedical staff from around 10 different medical fields which included 330 physician consultancy, 160 of general surgeon consultancy, 217 of skin disease consultancy, 207 of eye consultancy, 103 of ENT consultancy, 119 child disease consultancy, 243 for bone diseases, 153 for dental diseases, 93 for woman diseases, 46 of cardiology consultancy and 64 free random blood sugar tests as well as for 250 patients, the tests for thalassemia and Sickle cell were done in which,

- Dhiraj Hospital, Pipariya

- Radha Multi Speciality Hospital, Vadodara

- Schvijk Hospital, Vadodara

- K. M. Shah Dental Hospital, Pipariya had extended their cooperation.

In this camp, the renowned doctors like Dr. Rajesh Parmar, Dr. Hanipalsinh and Dr. Devarshi (Gen. Sur.), Dr. Krunal and Dr. Sejal (Physician), Dr. Kishan and Dr. Pranjali (Skin Sp.), Dr. Punam and Dr. Pallavi (Eye Sp.), Dr. Prashant, Dr. Vandana and Dr. Sagar (Child Sp.), Dr. Aditya and Dr. Mahendra (Orth.), Dr. Piyush and Dr. Swar (Lad.Sp.), Dr. Jay and Dr. Jwala (ENT Surg.), Dr. Anjanika, Dr. Prayag, Dr. Rutvik and Dr. Satvi (Dent. Surgeon.) had given the benefit of their expertise to the poor villagers while, the doctors and paramedical staff of Schvijk Hospital had rendered their valuable services to them in testing their bloods for Sickle Cell Anemia and thalassemia.

Under the guidance of Dr. P. Santoshjivanswami and sahishnu sevak Dr. Pragneybhai, giving their services in Medical Department at Haridham, Sokhada, around 50 volunteers from Sarvatit Pradesh had rendered their sincere services in this Atmiya Sarvarog Nidan Camp in which, the poor patients from Timba and its surrounding villages like Anandpur, Sandhiya, Kanakuva, Ramsari, Tadeti, Vatvatiya, Kadachhala, Deshan, Ganeshvad, Jogipura, Ambapura, Vasana and Unada had taken services of free medical checkup and free distribution of required medicines.

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