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Free Heart Check-Up Camp, AVD

On Date: 18 December 2016



Camp, AVDCamp, AVD (19)

Yogi Divine Society had, with the cooperation from Zydus Hospital, famous in Anand, organized a free medical camp in one of its centers at Atmiya Vidya Dham, Bakrol, Anand on Sunday, the 18th Dec 2016.

In lighting a lamp in the beginning of the camp, the political and social leaders and the institution’s elderly volunteers also had joined the secretary of Yogi Divine Society Sri Vitthalbhai Patel, P. Guruprasadswmi and P. Santoshswami. On this occasion, all the invitee guests, respectable dignitaries and all the patients who came for getting medical services were heartily welcomed by P. Guruprasadswami with his word-flowers and had thanked the Zydus Hospital’s management and its doctor friends for joining in this act of selfless social service.

In this medical camp which lasted from 10.00 am till 2.30 in the afternoon, 3 doctors, 12 counsellors and 6 paramedical staff, in all 21 persons from Zydus Hospital had rendered their services in which, the patients suffering from the diseases like heart problems, B.P., diabetes, joint pains etc. had got thoroughly checked up and received detailed guidance to their entire satisfaction in which, there were 130 patients for physician’s consultancy and 80 for cardiologist’s consultancy in addition to this, around 100 patients had got done their cardiogram tests also free.

In this program, Guj. Govt.’s minister Sri Rohitbhai Patel also was present who had collected information about the activities done by Yogi Divine Society at its Bakrol Center, Atmiya Dham about developing, encouraging and promoting good and moral cultures in youths and while whole heartedly appreciating it as the one for building a real future, he had also highly praised this camp organized for heart checkup also. The other guests and leaders included Sri Maheshbhai Patel (Pres. Anand Zilla BJP.), Sri Dipakbhai Patel (Executive Member, Guj. Govt.), Sri Mahendrabhai Patel (Pres. Vidyanagar Mun.) and Sri Vijaybhai Master (Counsellor, Anand Mun.).

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