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Medical Camp - March 2016, Netrang

On Date: 22 March 2016

With a view to render the most modern and very costly latest medical services right up to the very poor needy patients of very remote and backward areas totally free of cost and thus to serve the society a totally free full Medical Check-up and Blood Donation Camp was organized by Yogi Divine Society at Bhaktidham, Netrang on Tuesday, the 22nd March 2016 in which, the expert, experienced and well known doctors from famous hospitals like Dhiraj Hospital (Pipariya), K.M. Shah Dental Hospital (Pipariya), Sterling Hospital (Vadodara), Desai Eye Institute (Vadodara) and Indu Blood Bank had remained present and rendered their valuable services having come right up to very backward interior areas and adivasi villages like Netrang. The poor and needy people from Netrang and its surrounding areas like Dediyapada, Zaghadiya and Valiya Dist. also took benefit of this camp.

Around at least 1090 patients had taken benefit of different services and the treatments in this camp which mainly included 302 physician consultancy, 90 general surgeon consultancy, 54 patients with dental problems, 45 gynecologist treatments, 80 cases related to children diseases, 182 patients with diseases related to bones, 75 cardiologist treatments, 60 treatments of skin diseases, 150 eye problems and 52 patients suffering from diseases of ears, nose and throats.

In addition to the above, as many as 203 E.C.G.s for the attending patients were also done and their hearts were duly checked up for their health. Apart from this, even the full and adequate arrangement was also made specially to inform and guide all the public on this occasion about the Chief Minister’s “Ma – Amrutam” Scheme run by Health and family welfare department of Govt. of Gujarat which had benefitted more than 450 persons here. In the blood donation camp, as much as 60 units of blood was also safely collected here by the doctors of Indu Blood Bank to use the same for the patients of thalassemia or for other patients undergoing surgeries. All the patients were given the required medicines free of cost in this camp.

Shri K.K.Vasava Sir (T.D.O., Dediyapada), Shri Kishorbhai Gohil (Director, Sugar Gharikheda), Shri Vasava Sir (P.S.I., Netrang), Dr. Itare Sir (Regional Dy. Director, Govt. Of Guj), Shri Sandipsinh Mangrola (Chairman, Ganesh Sugar Factory – Vatariya), Shri Babubhai Vasava (Sirpanch, Netrang), Shri Ayubbhai Shakurbhai Pathan (Social Leader, Netrang) and many other renowned persons had remained present on this occasion.

All these people had heartily thanked Yogi Divine Society and its regional saint leaders P. Bhaktivallabhswami, and P. Santoshswami and its volunteers to organize/carry out such a noble program of great social service in so much deeply interior areas of Netrang and its surrounding adivasi areas by organizing such a free Medical Camp and for also distributing the required proper medicines to the needy and deserving poor people there. Even all the recipients also expressed their gratitude to the institution, its saints and the volunteers.

The opinions of the doctors who gave their medical services in this camp:-

Dr. Rashesh Shah (Marketing Manager, Dhiraj Eye Hospital) : I whole heartedly thank Yogi Divine Society on my behalf and on the behalf of my entire team for organizing this camp in such an interior area and to give us a chance to be a part of very rare and valuable opportunity to serve the poor and needy people. In India, there is still a lot of work to be done in medical field in villages. I would again like to request Yogi Divine Society to give us the opportunity to serve the people like this whenever they again organize programs like this. We are always ready/prepared to assist them in this types of social services.

Dr. Priyanka Asodariya (Gynecologist) and Dr. Rajiv Contractor (General Surgeon) : The organization of such a camp by Yogi Divine Society in very backward and Adivasi area is really an act worth most appreciation. After coming here, we have learnt that, the patients here do very badly need proper diagnosis and treatment but, they can’t afford to go to any nearby good hospitals because of their poor financial conditions and hence, the work like this done by Yogi Divine Society is really highly appreciable. We are always ready to cooperate with them in any of their projects of such social services whenever they need any assistance from us.

The hundreds of beneficiary patients who received free medical check-up, treatment and the medicines, whole heartedly thanked the institution. Out of them a number of patients were financially so poor that they could not even afford to go to any nearby hospitals for their treatments while the others were fighting against their diseases for not getting required appropriate treatments at their village levels.

Thus, by organizing a camp in very remote areas like Netrang, the institution had served the poorest class of society through its services and had offered its respect to the society.

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