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Service unto Humanity is Service unto God !

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On Date: 23 May 2017

While showing best academic/educational results, the educational institutes run/managed by Yogi Divine Society also hold the tradition and record of installing and developing the bright culture and total growth of their students. To carry forward the said tradition in the ensuing educational session, a newly constructed/established “Atmiya Vidyalay” at Vadodara was inaugurated on Tuesday, the 23rd May 2017 in the presence of institution’s president P.P. Hariprasadswamiji, invitee guests and hundreds of citizens.

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On Date: 20 May 2017

A youth convention was organized in Grand Chetak Party Plot in Nadiad city of Sevayagna Pradesh in the presence of president of Yogi Divine Society P.P. Hariprasadswamiji on Saturday, the 20th May 2017 in which, along with the saints from Haridham and the socio-political leaders from Nadiad, around 1500 boys and girls plus 250 ladies and gents had attended from Nadiad and its surrounding villages.

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On Date: 18 May 2017

Yogi Divine Society had organized a youth gathering in Atmiya Vidya Dham at Bakrol in the presence of P.P. Hariprasadswamiji in which, around 1500 youths from Anand, Vidyanagar and their surrounding villages had remained present to take advantage of P.P. Swamiji’s darshans and divine speech.

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