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Youth Assembly - 2016, Popda

On Date: 23 December 2016

A youth meeting was organized in the open ground opp. Gujarati School in Popada village by Yogi Divine Society on Friday, the 23rd Dec 2016 under its Youths Awakening Campaign of which, around 1500 young boys and girls from villages like Popada, Sachin, Lajpor, Kansad, Kachholi and its surrounding had taken the benefit.

The area of Popada and its surrounding villages is a sea-belt situated on the sea beach and most of the residents here are the fishers. In order to save the youths of this area from addictions and evil company so that they can live a real good life, this meeting was arranged.

While addressing a vast gathering of young boys and girls P. Sarvamangalswami had advised them to keep good company and motivated them to make friends with those who are more smart and clever than us in the fields selected by us and to follow their advice to overcome the small or big difficulties of our own life.

While explaining a saying, “Manane Guru Kare To Mrutyu” meaning “making the mind our Guru, brings the death”, he said that, today, we have got all the facilities and instruments which never were before. But, they only misguide us from the path of our success. By presenting the related examples, he said that, if we waste our useful and valuable time behind the worthless activities like what’s app, face book, TV, fashions etc., we are bound to repent for our entire future life and thus, he had alerted the youths.

In this meeting, the Sirpanch of Popada village Sri Rajubhai Patel, the members of Panchayat and the other leaders were also present.

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