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Youth Assembly - 2016, Rajkot

On Date: 14 December 2016

Among several social activities of Yogi Divine Society, the most important one is “Youth Awakening Campaigns” in which, the saints, volunteers and other experts in different fields periodically guide the youths and inspire them to progress in their life.

A youth assembly was organized by Yogi Divine Society, Haridham, Sokhada in the presence of P. Sarvamangalswami in Yogidham at Rajkot on Wednesday, the 14th Dec 2016 in which, around 1600 young boys and girls had participated who learnt that, it is necessary to set/decide an ideal in the life for achieving a goal.

While addressing a very vast audience of youths in the assembly, P. Sarvamangalswami said that, it is necessary to set/decide an ideal in the life for achieving a goal. As we go on achieving our small goals, our self-confidence goes on increasing for achieving the bigger/higher goals. We generally come across many unexpected difficulties in our way of achieving goals which take us away from our goals. Presently, the youths are surrounded by mediums like mobile, what’sapp, facebook, U tube etc., these are those addictions which spoil/waste lot our valuable time and yet, we keep ourselves busy/engrossed in them happily but, aren’t aware of their devastating effects which ruin our life. Saying that, if the students waste their most valuable time which is meant and very important/useful for creating a proper life, it very badly affects our future, he advised to keep away from such bad addictions.

The regional saints from Rajkot P. Tyagvallabhswami, P. Sarvatitswami and other volunteers from Yogi Divine Society also were present on this occasion.

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