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Youth Assembly - 2016, AVD

On Date: 15 December 2016

In a meeting organized at Atmiya Vidya Dham, Bakrol by Yogi Divine Society, Haridham, Sokhada on Thursday, the 15th December 2016, the institution’s Canada Mandal’s volunteer Sri Nareshbhai Patel (Nareshmama) had addressed nearly 375 youths from Anand-Vidyanagar in his forceful speech.

Today, when the youths are simply wasting the most valuable/useful/career making years of their real life behind fashions, movies and addictions etc. without any purpose or gain, Sri Nareshbhai had rightly guided them so that, they realize the value and importance of their life/time and make the target/goal of their life clear for their own real happiness/success in the life. Sri Nareshbhai, who lives in Canada and is associated with Yogi Divine Society since last many years, totally follows the real Indian Culture there also and has been a source of proper/right inspiration for thousands of youths there.

Advising the youths to always keep good/real company in the life, he also informed them the real value of time in the life and said that, once we get deviated from our goal, it would be very difficult to achieve the target/goal again. Citing a few related examples, he said that, internet, facebook, whatsapp etc. are like double edged swords hence, we must have a control on ourselves and social media must be used with discretion for limited time only for which, we should try to follow our leaders in such matters and make them our ideals. Talking about education, he said that, this is an era of knowledge and, only those, who have high goals and ability to materialize them in their life, will be go ahead. The Govt. and big companies promote big/high ideas/thinking and invest in “Start Up” programs, which is golden opportunity for youths through which, if we desire, we can give a lot to our family, society and nation.

Charged with new zeal and enthusiasm, all dispersed after taking a light refreshment.

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